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Message Fairy V4.12

Support Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

  "Message Fairy" is a set of powerful network tools. You can use Message PlusIn to send and receive short message in your LAN(Local Area Network), it is full compatible with winpopup.exe application and Messenger services. Ping PlusIn assist you to check the connection of your network. You can use LAN chat PlusIn to create chat room in your LAN,it is a easy way for you to discuss with your friends without leave your seat. Besides these, Mail Watcher PlusIn check your mailbox periodically, give you the new mail notice, Network Watcher spy the sessions connect to your computer. These tools provide you a easy way to communicate with other net user. It can improve the efficiency of your(or your company) local network. The exoteric PlusIn system give you a easy way to expand your tools library. You can attain PlusIns from either our web site or third party development organization.


  What's the feature of winmsg ?

  Winmsg was designed to support PlusIn which based on COM technology. All utilities was redesigned as PlusIn of main application, user can load or unload PlusIn dynamic while Winmsg application running. The PlusIn system is exoteric, everyone can develop his own PlusIn to expand the function of Winmsg. The system provide some COM interface to convenience developer.The new version is not only a powerful network tool, but also a platform which you can manage your tools. These tools provide you a easy way to communicate with other net user. It can improve the efficiency of your(or your company) local network.

1. Message plusin : easy to use and have advantage over winpopup. Send and receive message more quickly and safely, support network broadcast, auto refuse message, and so on.

2. Ping plusin : use ICMP library to implement ping protocol, can be used to check the network connectedness ,graphical interfaces and support rouce trace.

3. Net watcher plusin : show the current share folder of your cpmputer, view who has connected to your computer and watch which file was opened by network user, easy to shutdown the connection you don't want or close shared files opened by user, new version support auto shutdown connection which established by the one you don't like.

4. Pop3 watcher plusin : a mail watch plusin, watch the mail account for you and report new mail information, support multi accounts.

5. Chat plusin Server : a easy way to establish a chat room on your LAN, can assign name, password and member limit of char room.

6. Chat plusin Client : a chat client that in accord with the server plusin. support actions in chat room, support user-defined actions.

7.Message Broadcast : This Plusin can broadcast your message(or advertise) to every computer on internet.

  What's new ?

Message Fairy 4.12(winmsg 4.12.1391) released (6/25/2003)

Message Fairy 4.02(winmsg 4.02.1225) released (12/25/2002)

Message Fairy 2002 (winmsg 4.00.1028) released (10/16/2002)

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