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aClock does not need install, just unzip all files to a folder. To delete this software just delete the folder which contain aClock files.

Skin Setting

aClock has two different appearance : digital mode or hand mode. It has many skins for digital mode and support skin switch in WYSWYG way.


Affair Reminding

If you need "Signal on Hours",you should select a folder which contain the sound theme here. The sound theme folder contain a theme.ini file and several relevant sound file(in WAV format) usually.
If you start the Affair Remind function, you can input the affair arrangement here. You can storage many affair in list, only the affair with check mark will be used.

*@* Title : Give tour affair a description
*@* "Everyday" Style affairs will be triggered everyday on appointed time. "Only one times" style affairs will be triggered only one times on appointed date and time.
*@* If you want start a special program on appointed time,you need input the command line. Such as,c:\windows\notepad.exe c:\readme.txt, it would start Notepad and open file c:\readme.txt


Make Sound Theme for Signal on Hours


Download Software

Download aClock 1.21

Download aClock 1.21 Source Code

Download sound Theme : Ding Ding Dang Dang



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