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Tabbar AddIn 1.17 Description
Download Tabbar AddIn

Download source code

The source code contain a set of code and two different resource(Chinese and English). Open workspace file "TabBars.dsw" to compile Chinese version and open "TabBarsE.dsw" to compile English version

TabBars AddIn give more convenience use VC++ IDE:

- Add a Tabbar in the bottom of Text window for file switch
- CPP/H file flip(Total 64 directories you can specify)
- Remark a block of Text which you have selected(somethings like Visual Basic IDE)
- Unremark a selected block which you have remarked
- Auto add time and user in front of you Remarked block
- Open resource file at text mode in you IDE
- Auto save edited file
- Auto save build information when you start build a project(build times,start time,end time ect)
- Use shell command in IDE(copy file,delete file)
- compress the whole project or a folder to a zip file
- Open project in Zip file directly
- Add object relation chart in source file (using ASCII characters).


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